Facing ourselves – living consciously

I feel very blessed to have Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha as a teacher and a guide. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha is a living example of a pure being of love, divinely connected to the all that is, living generously in service. When I first met Grandmother the one thing I knew is that I wanted to live a life of service and deeply connected to the divine source. I deeply yearned to live in love, pleasure and to live generously. Grandmother has taught me that the avenue to freedom is through facing all denails, and deceptions of the self. Through looking in, rather than looking outside myself for the answers. To look at the pained, and ugly parts of self, to own them, to transform them , to disarm them. The path to enlightenment is the path through the maze of defense mechanisms, avoidances, fears. I have noticed that each time I look within to own and intergrate a part of myself that is less favourable I become lighter, freer and no longer at the mercy of these aspects of self. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has taught me to be responsible, to live transparently, and to love and free myself from judgement. There isnt really an experience i could have that isnt part of human nature. In this there is nothing to be ashamed off. I believe that at our very core we are love. Places of fear and illusion of separation give raise to much pain and suffering. As we face our denails, we are saying that we choice to no longer live in any form of subconscious state. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has taught me the value of living consciously and that any form of subconscious existance is a choice.

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Of myself I am no thing, of my god I am everything.

I have had the privilge of  being a student of grandmothers over the last 9 years. Grandmother has been a beackon home for me.  A light and guide home to myself and the truth of me. I remember when i first met Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha at the retreat centre in Summerfield, Ohio, I truly felt like I had come home. In Grandmother I witnessed first hand a person who is the living example of love, compassion, and holding  to truth and universal principles and wisdom that has divinity at its source. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha walks her talk in every aspect of the word.  I would like you to know that at the core of you, you are powerful beyond measure, and you can achieve all that is in your hearts desire, you are loved and you are love. It feels like there is so much to say and so little time to say it in. I think firstly to understand, that the who you are is divine, pure love. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says ” Of myself I am no thing, and of my god I am everything” I often ponder on this and relate to my experiences of being so deeply connected to the all that is. What does that mean..of myself I am no thing? If I think the limits of me end in my identification with ego and being a separate entity, then my experience is also limited to this level of awareness. This statement invites us to look past ego identification of the separate I. ” Of my god I am everything” …Quantum physics in now showing us that when we inspect a particle at its smallest components, there is in fact nothing there except for energy, a frequency. If you can really allow that concept to sink in and become your experience, you will see that what looks like that point at which we end and something else begins is simple an illusion. We are energy, pure frequency. When I tune into observer and truly explore where I end I find that I extend encapsulate the whole earth, universe and beyond. The I am that I am. We are all one, the consciousness that allows me to function is the same consciousness driving you. We are all branches from the same tree. We were named and given our individual experience, to come to learn and know ourselves as divine beings having a human experience. I am learning through Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha that as an individual human being I am able to tune into and experience in life in all aspect of what it is that I desire. That what occurs in my experience is a reflection of what is occurring in my thoughts. Out there is a reflection of in here, rather than the other way round. If I dont like what I am manifesting than I need to look inside and become more conscious of what is it that I am thinking and feeling about various matters in my life. That in the power of my divinity , in the power of our divinity , everything that shows up in our lives is exactly as we have created it. We dreamed a dream. There is noone else to blame. In fact dont even blame yourself. The goal is to become more conscious, and more intune and aligned with the very divine consciousness which is at the truth of our being. We are here to enjoy, find pleasure and experience ourselves in our divinity, to move pass pain and suffering, to live our passion , to live in service, and to enjoy. Be as god is, love , compassion, kindness, generosity, creativity.

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Happiness is in a decision

I woke up this morning thinking about the truth that Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has always shared that Happiness is something that is decided before one enters into an experience.

The ingredients of happiness are kindness, appreciation, generosity, compassion, love, joy, growth, evolution and expansion. These are all perspectives which reflect a state of mind and alignment of thought rather than any particular set of circumstances. In all experiences one can hold the position of kindness, appreciation, love, joy, growth, evolution and expansion. There are many points from which we can stand and look at a situation from and we could consider a truth in all stand points. Imagine a circle around a given situation and at each point in the circle that we stand to perceive and view the situation holds a different emotional ( chemical reaction in the body) experience. Where we each have a choice in any given situation on where we want to stand in perception. We have the freewill to judge, condemn, blame, absolve responsibility, be personally offended, believe we are powerless, hope…we can pray to a god that our circumstances change so we will be happy…..god is answering ” choice kindness, love, joy, compassion, generosity …you are surrounded by an abundant and beautiful world, hold your focus, you are loved.”

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Superior – Inferior dynamic

I have been noticing lately how much suffering comes from being caught up in the continuum of inferior – superior. In the moments that seems bearable we experience a state of being superior. Have you noticed however, it isn’t possible to experience superiority without falling into a state of inferiority. The truth is that we are all equal in the eyes of the divine. How can one hold more value them another ? We are all human. We have more in common with each other than we do different. There isn’t an emotion that we don’t all go through to some degree. Our bodies function the same as each other. To pull oneself fully out of this continuum and see we are all branches on the same tree is to be free of pain and suffering.

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Want freedom from pain and suffering?

Gaining knowledge is the key to change and growth and moving out of habits of being. We all know what it is like to live stuck in particular habits which we daily wish we could simple change. The answer is in fact simple and just how simple the eventual changing of various states of pain and suffering are depends largely on a decision within ourself.

In order to shift a habit one has to act in a manner contrary to it. One has to go against the tendency or pattern until a new pattern is formed. Initially this seems like an impossibility, however there is a simple science to this that make it very workable. The body is very obedient, it simple adapts to the conditions in which you surround it. It does not discriminate between what is good for it and what isn’t, it will simple become addicted and habituated to whatever repetitive action, thought, chemical that you command of it. It will become equally addicted to no exercise as it will to exercise just depending on what you choose to action. Junk food, healthy food, happiness, sadness, stress, peace. This obedient body is at your service. The only question is ….what do you want to experience? We trade time for experience, and as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says, time is the only thing that we actually spend, money comes and goes. So as  you trade your time for experience, what habit of the body do you want to experience?

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